history ATHLETICS in Loun and its surroundings Before II. World War II and immediately after the athletics operated in unity Sokol Gymnastic Sladkovského County. After the reunification in 1949 Sports athletic activity continued in fields ZRTV. One of the sports associations, where these subjects were practiced athletics and TJ Locomotives Louny. In the second half of the fifties was founded at the TJ athletic club. Its chairman was Professor Karel while. Activities section focused on youth. Individuals participated and regional athletic competitions. In 1962 he took over the athletic club Josef Frolik. The aim was to extend the activities section. There is a men’s team, in which team finds application as well as juniors section. In 1963 the team entered in the regional competition. In the first-ever championship game defeats on clay 200 m track Tyrš parade in Louny man TJ Banik 64:62 Krupka points. Athletic club at this time has 32 members. The visibility of athletics in the district Louny section organizes various competitions. Given that the section has a minimum possibility of operating technical disciplines, focusing mainly on cross-country discipline. In 1966, the tradition of Spring cross country in Louny in today’s Masaryk Park. Section raised a number of talented athletes and champions such as Peter Kunc, Sima Vaclav, Vaclav and Jana sin or Miroslava Malacca. In 1983, the Power Počerady based Petr Kopecky and Radovan Šabata athletic TJ Elna Počerady. In 1984 were Mr Josef Frolik and Radovan Šabata in establishing a tradition of international student athletic match the twin cities Loun (Czech Republic), Lučenec (SK) Zschopau (D) and SALGÓTARJÁN (H), which has survived to this day. In 1987 there was a merger of the two divisions. ASK Elna Počerady took the idea of ​​his predecessors, to educate young people to love athletics, promote athletics to LOUNSKÉ district and arrange for fans of athletics athletic competitions and races. Took over the organization and hosting of Spring cross country, established a tradition of road running from Počerady in Loun, in 1993, invited to race the first wheelchair. In 1994 he founded the club tradition of Grand Prix ČEZ, athletic meeting for cadets and juniors, which during its existence has gained popularity. Since 2003, the club organizer of one of the races in the series Handbike European Circuit. This series of races to start bringing those interested in the hand cycling, sport, designed paraplegics, but not only them. In 2006, the organizational skills ASK Elna Počerady stated goal of the highest and have been entrusted with the organization I.ročníku EHF European Championship in hand cycling. When education and discovering talent for peak athletic club has managed to discover such Louny competitors, such as, Stanislav Vrba, Pavel Hlavinka, Jana Hoskova, Marie Chovancová Pavel Duffek, finding only or Jan Petr Bělunek. So it is in athletics Loun and its surroundings. If you are interested in something, be welcome among our members, supporters, or just readers of our website.