EUROPEAN HANDBIKE CIRCUIT Regulations Organizer: ASK ELNA Počerady on behalf of the European Handcycling Federation (EHF) Date: Saturday, June 16, 2018 Race venue: Czech Republic, Louny, Komenského square (in front of the T -Mobile Call Centre building) Races: – individual time trial – criterium in the streets of the town of Louny Divisions: – Handbike men MH1, MH2, MH3, MH4, MH5, MHOpen – Handbike women WH1, WH2, WH3, WH4, WH5, WHOpen – Tricyclists T – T1 and T2 division men, women – Tandems – men and women divisions All races of HC divisions shall be included in the European Handbike Circuit series and points shall be awarded according to EHC Rules. Individual time trial – Czech National Championship shall be classified separately within the EHC event. Accompanying events: – Public scooter race – Public fun ride IMPORTANT NOTIFICATION: All athletes wishing to participate in the EHC series shall submit at the registration their handicap classification certificate issued by the national cycling classifier. ATHLETES WITHOUT THE CLASSIFICATION CERTIFICATE SHALL BE ALLOWED TO PARTICIPATE IN MH5, WH5 OR MHOpen and WHOpen divisions. An EHF classifier will be present at the EHC event in Louny to satisfy applications for classification by athletes. Schedule: See the Schedule chapter or download HERE. Registration: Friday, 15 June, 2018 from 4 p.m. to 9 p.m. Saturday, 16 June, 2018, from 7.30 a.m. to 8.30 a.m. at the designated area of the Komenského square Individual time trial: Saturday, 16 June, 2018 at 10.00 a.m. Starting order as per the above divisions. Handbike divisions according to the current EHC 2018 standings within the individual divisions, from last to first; athletes who did not participate in any EHC race in 2018 shall be enrolled at the forefront of the starting list. Marshalling area: Komenského square from 9.40 a.m. Start: the first athlete to depart at 10.00 a.m., following athletes in 30 sec or 15 sec intervals depending on the number of participants Starting order of divisions: tricyclists – T1 and T2 men and women; handbike MH1, MH2, WH1, WH2, WH3, WH4, WH5 and WHOpen, MH3, MH4, MH5 a MHOpen, tandems – men and women Course: 15 km length, start and finish at 190.7 m ASL (lowest altitude of the course 172.3 m ASL, highest altitude 218.6 m ASL). Individual kilometres of the course are marked. The course is closed for common traffic. Athletes shall ride the first two kilometres in the right drive lane, then in the left drive lane up to the turn to Čeňka Zemana street on 12th km. From that point, they shall ride in the right drive lane to the finish. The course intersects with a railway crossing at 1st kilometre. Criterium in the streets of Louny: Saturday, 16 June, 2018 – mass start race. Marshalling area: Komenského square from 2.55 p.m. Start: – WT1, WT2, MT1 and MT2 at 2.55 p.m. (5 laps) – MH1 and MH2; WH1, WH2, WH3, WH4, WH5 and WHOpen at 3.45 p.m. (40 minutes + 1 lap) – MH3 at 4.45 p.m. (60 minutes + 1 lap) – MH4, MH5 and MHOpen at 6.00 p.m. (60 minutes + 1 lap) Course: 1,950 m length. The race course in the centre of the town shall be closed for common traffic. Participation in the race at the athlete’s own risk. The organiser does not provide for insurance of athletes. Entries: To all races by 11 June, 2017. Entries submitted after the deadline shall be disregarded. Entry on the day of the race shall not be allowed. Enquiries: – by email: – by post: Radovan Šabata, 17. Listopadu 2066, 44001 Louny, Czech Republic – by telephone: +420 606 622 085 Entry fee: Individual time trial and the criterium: 50 EUR The entry fee to be paid at the registration desk. The fee is to be paid by all athletes irrespective of the number of races they participate in (i.e. 1 or 2). The fee includes a refreshments voucher (for 1 meal and 2 drinks + the evening party). Persons accompanying athletes may buy the voucher for 250 CZK or 12 EUR. Timing: Electronic chip system. Chips to be provided by the organiser for a refundable fee of 200 CZK. Preliminary results will be available to athletes within 40 minutes since the finish of the last participant in the respective division. EHC Rules: European Handcycling Federation Rulebook, Rules of Union Cycliste Internationale and the general provisions shall apply. A protective helmet of appropriate colour configuration (or cover) for the respective division shall be mandatory. Athletes failing to comply with this requirement shall not be allowed in the race!!! All participants shall have their handbikes equipped with a safety bar (see EHF Rulebook 2016), otherwise they shall not be allowed in the race!!! The safety bar shall not be required for the individual time trial. Medical assistance: Provided by medical service of Libor Kaňka, Lovosice. Prizes: Prize money for handicapped athletes in the total amount of 10,830 EUR for both races as per the guidelines stipulated by European Handcycling Federation Rulebook 2016 . Prize money to be paid out in EUR. Winners of other races shall receive freebies from event partners and sponsors. Awards ceremony: The awards ceremony for the individual time trial and the criterium, including a party, will take place on Saturday, 16 June at 8 p.m. at Komenského square. All participants and accompanying persons are most cordially welcome. Refreshments: Provided by Lounské pivo of Heineken a.s., official partner of EHC Louny 2016, and by Veřejné stravování.CZ, a.s. Accommodation: At the discretion of the participants. Due to limited hotel capacities, we recommend booking in advance. Hotel prices in Louny: – ** hotel: CZK 350 / person / night (incl. breakfast) in a two- to four-bed room, e.g. Hotel Meta Postoloprty – *** and **** hotels and boarding houses in the centre of Louny: from CZK 550 / person / night in a double room Accommodation is also available in the spa resort of Lázně Mšené, a.s. approximately 20 km from Louny. Lázně Mšené is a partner of EHC Louny 2016 and offers its accommodation and spa capacities also before and after the event. Detailed information at; accommodation must be booked by 30 May, 2017. Additional accommodation is available in the wheelchair accessible Hotel Hejtmanský Dvůr in the town of Slaný, approximately 25 km from Louny (direction Prague). Detailed information at  More information on accommodation is available from Municipal Information Centre of Louny at or o_5b2de485c22ae21c_002