Proposition (non-competitive ride)

Proposition (non-competitive ride) Non-competitive route to Proposition 1 km Organizers: ASK Elna Počerady and sponsors . Date : Saturday 18 June 2016 The starting point : Louny , Comenius Square ( in front of the T -Mobile Call Centre ) Start time : 13:35 pm Seřadiště riders: Louny, Comenius Square – from 13:25 pm Participants: beginners individuals regardless of age, sex , physical or mental handicaps on roller skates, scooters , strollers and other devices with wheels in wheel diameter of 20 cm with a mass start . Description length: Length of track 1 km . After the route Comenius us . – Osvoboditelů (towards NGA ) – Táboritská – The Valích – Comenius Conditions for participation : Taste and competitive spirit Competition Rules : The track can be overcome alone or accompanied by , with and without the help of outsiders. Medical care: private health service Mr. Pěnčík Registration: on the day of the race at the Comenius Square to 13.00 pm Entry fee : no entry fee Prices: Participants in the race will receive a small souvenirs from the event organizer.