Proposition folk run


People Running ” S Mizuno for the joy of movement “ Date: Saturday 6.5. 2023 Presentation: Exhibition area at Louny , at the main pavilion from the 8.30 AM up to 10.30 AM  at the Masaryk Park of Louny Start: space in front of the main pavilion at 10.45 hours. Track: is guided in the ways of the exhibition , without significant elevation. Athletes with disabilities and their assistants undergo length 1,100 meters ( one lap ), other runners distance of 2,200 meters (two laps). Objective folk run:  the target gate of the main race Memorial Karla Raise front of the main pavilion. Deceleration time and finish:  from 11.00 to 11.15 hours Participants: all fans of healthy movement regardless of age, gender, health or mental handicaps . The participants of the race can overcome distance running, walking, rollerblading , riding in a stroller or wheelchair. Special sports wheelchairs are permitted . All athletes who complete the course will receive the popular track from a partner company O line shirt. Entry fee : 50, – CZK , in the case of family teams , the fee for a single family team of 100 , – CZK . The proceeds from the entry fee will be donated to the People’s run of the Association of Disabled Czech os District Louny organization . Tombola folk run :  all participants folk -fly ” S Mizuno for the joy of movement ” will be entered into a drawing for prizes. The draw will take place before the main pavilion Louny Exhibition Centre from 12.30 to 12.50 hours . Children’s Day: Children’s Day program will be competition for the youngest children’s athletics and many other competitions and games of skill , prepared for you by athletic trainers preparations ASK Elna Počerady and organizers of the City Library of Louny. The program is designed for children 2 to 15 years. Run from 8.45 to 14.00 hours in the Exhibition area of the Masaryk Park in front of the main pavilion. Children will be accountable for their performance and knowledge rewarded with small gifts , which pays the organizer and other partners Memorial Karla Raise 2019. Cultural program During the morning , there are the other performances of dance and music groups. KARLA RAISE THE MEMORIAL DAY FULL OF MOTION FOR THE WHOLE FAMILY . Come and play sports , have fun and spend a nice day at the Exhibition area on the Masaryk Park at Louny. Be all welcome in our Louny.