General provisions

KARL RAIS MEMORY General provisions 1. Race is governed by rules of athletics. Companionship and Helping all competitors on the track is inadmissible. This provision does not apply to participants folk run. All competitors compete at their own risk . Organizer starter insure . 2. Health service provided by the organizer on the track and in the finish in the presence of Mr. Libor Kaňka Medical Transportation Services Lovosice. 3. Changing rooms and showers are available for all categories of main plant in the spaces provided municipal Swimming pool and sauna in Louny about 3 min . walk from the finish line. The organizer is not liable for any losses. 4. Sportsmans category in line skate, handbiker and wheelchair and must wear a protective helmet during the race . 5. All participants agree with his shooting, shooting , capturing audiovisual records, etc. , and their subsequent use by the event organizer not entitled to any financial compensation. 6. Organizer  with regard to the current economic recession guarantees payment of basic competitors of financial rewards for overcoming location and track records in each category. Other bounty for overcoming the limits of time and their payment depends on the financial capacity of the organizer. Their payment will be familiar competitors start the race or on our website approximately one week before the race. 7. Journalists and photographers who want to take over the MKR records , photos , images , reports , etc. , must be accredited by the organizers . Accreditation will take place in April 28th, 2019 by e-mail at: