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Memory of Karl Rais

road race for 15 kilometers for runners, wheelers, handbikers, relay 5*3km and in line skates from Power Plant Pocerady to town Louny

Date: 6.5.2023 Organizer: ASK ELNA Počerady, Association of Disable in the Czech Republic, based in Louny Registration: Louny Exhibition Area at Masaryk Park in Pavilon “B”” from 7.30 to 9.30 AM Changing rooms and showers: Municipal Swimming pool and Sauna in Louny. The organizer is not liable for personal belongings. Start area: road near the village of Volevčice close to the Počerady Power Plant at 11.00 AM Transport to the start area is provided by the organizer Departure of the buses (from the registration area): 9.30 a.m./ 9.40 a.m./ 9.50 a.m. (2 buses at the same time) It is strictly ruled to keep the time of departure of the buses! Estimated finish time: from 11.20 a.m. to 12.40 a.m. – Louny Exhibition Area near the Main Pavilon at the Masaryk Park The flower ceremony: will take place in the finish area at Louny Exhibition Area near the Main Pavilon at the Masaryk Park at 1:30PM


Runners category: men - absolute ranking, men under 49 years, 59 years, 69 years,  74 years, 79 years and over 80 years women - absolute ranking, women under 44 years, 54 years and over 55 years Wheelers category: Tetraplegics – men / tetraplegics – women paraplegics – men / paraplegics – women Handbike category: Men - absolute ranking (MH1,2,3,4,5 and Open) + categories MH1 and MH2 separate publication order Women - absolute ranking (WH1,2,3,4,5 and Open) Relay race: Running teams of five members teams 15 km (one section about 3 km) The teams of company, schools, family or hobby collectives and groups of social care, regardless of age, gender, health or mental handicaps. The teams may compete side by side both women and men, girls and boys, children, parents or grandparents or pupils and their teachers. Each team must have its own sports uniform sink. Each participant will receive a T-shirt relay race with the race logo. At the start are also invited teams from partner cities Barenderchtu (NL), Lučenec (SVK), Veneux les Sablons (FR) and Zschopau (Germany). Roller skating / inline skate /: men and juniors – absolute ranking – 18 years and older. women and girls – absolute ranking – 18 years and older men juniors and students – absolute ranking – up to 17 years. women juniors and students – absolute ranking – up to 17 years. Entry fee: individuals under 59 years of 350, – CZK when filing the required deadline, up to April 22th, 2023; payment by transfer to account number 1001500714/0600 by GE Money Bank Louny variable symbol personal code of competitor. individuals under 59 years old during check-in and payment on the day of the race entry fee 350, – CZK. individuals over 60 years 300, – CZK when filing the required deadline, up to April 22th, 2023;  individuals over 60 years of age at check-in and payment on the day of the race entry fee 300, – CZK. Relay Entry fee 350 CZK payment on race day Course:  the race takes place on the roads with exclusion of any traffic. The altitude of the start area is 220 m, the altitude of the finish area is 178 m. The length of the course is 15 km. Accommodation: The organizer does not provide accommodation. More information about  accommodation in Louny and its surroundings, visit www.louny.eu  Price of accommodation in Louny for runners ranges from CZK 500, – per person / night. Accommodation for disable athletes / immobile athletes / it is possible to obtain a limited extent in Louny and its surroundings (about 85 jobs). The cheapest accommodation for disabled athletes can be arranged in Postoloprty away from Louny about 7km in a hostel accommodation price 250 CZK / night. Refreshments: For all participants in the main race organizer provides a lunch buffet from 13.00 hours in the Main pavilion of the Exhibition area at Louny and in adjacent areas. In the course of the day is free refreshment from the plant partner Heineken Czech Republic and his Louny beer. Applications: For participation in the main race are submitted by individuals or clubs to April 22, 2020 at: , The deadline for applications to the mass of public running and relay them to the April 28, 2019 at: askelna@gmail.com All competitors in the main race, log on to the specified deadline will wear a bib with your name. In exceptional cases, you can file an application before the main race of Počerady in Loun the day of the presentation in place. The organizer does not guarantee thus registered competitors in the main race getting souvenirs from MKR. Transport allowance not provided by te organizer. Prizes and awards for placing in the main race of the prize money paid out according to schedule. Based on the financial possibilities organizers will this year prices for runners and wheelchair paid according to the schedule category “Guaranteed prices” see:

Relay race: Be awarded the top three most successful relay by cups and prizes from partners of Memory of Karl Rais. Public run: Be awarded 30 winning participants and the 3 largest groups with prizes. All athletes registered in the term in the main race at the People’s run and a relay race organizers to together with partners MKR gives T- shirt with the race logo of Memory of Karl Rais. Athletes on the podium will receive in addition to financial rewards and prizes from partners of Memory of Karl Rais . Winners ceremony of the Memory of Karl Rais: Take place from 1.45 PM in the Exhibition area of MasarykPark in front of the main pavilion. For the category of wheelchair users, handbiker and invited guests from 5.00 PM ready for a festive evening on the 30th anniversary of the founding traditions road running on the track of Počerady in Louny accompanied with a ceremony for handicapped athletes. This gala evening will be held in the restaurant. Exhibition area and will include joint dinner with musice production. Memory is completed by the Children’s day with a lot of competitions. Part of the Children’s Day is a practical demonstration of Children athletics. Children’s day will culminate with the People during the 2 km of fans of healthy movement from 2-100 years regardless of age, sex, physical or mental energy . During deceleration of the People’s run and the main race will encourage competitors drumming show. Memory of Karl Raise is a day full of movement for the whole family. Come see us in Louny. We look forward to welcoming you, your organizers Memory of Karl Rais.